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Why American Pest offers the best pest control services for Dumfries, VA

If you have a pest problem in Dumfries, we’re confident at American Pest that we’re the best choice for your pest control solution. Our pest professionals are trained in the latest Integrated Pest Management solutions, EPA-approved safe for humans and pets while still providing pest control that’s smart, efficient, and effective.

These green pest control treatments have low impact on both your local environment and the environment at large, so you can feel safe returning to the space while still feeling confident the pest problems have been solved. We back that confidence up with our pest-free pledge included in all our home pest plans, which states that if pests return in between your scheduled services, we will come back and deal with them at no additional cost. 

What’s The Best Way to Exterminate Mice and Rats in Dumfries VA?

Pests can be a big problem for any property owner, causing damage and posing a health risk. Traditional pest control methods can be effective but often rely on harsh chemicals that can be harmful to the environment. Our SMART trapping system is an eco-friendly and effective alternative that uses smart sensors and traps to catch and detect rodent activity. 

Our experienced professionals will perform an initial inspection of your property, seal all entry points, and place smart sensors in strategic areas. In places where we know there is active rodent activity, we'll use smart traps and baiting stations. All of these devices are interconnected and customized to send alerts every time they detect rodent activity. 

This allows us to track rodent activity like never before and take quick action to eliminate the problem. Thanks to our SMART system, you can keep your property free of mice and rats without harming the environment.

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Get a Professional Pest Control Plan for Your Business in Dumfries VA

We’re honored and privileged to be allowed into your homes in Dumfries, but we feel equally honored to bring that kind of Pest services to Dumfries businesses. While many of the same kinds of pests trouble people both at home and in their business, the impact might be quite different: a mouse or a rat can be a troublesome sight at home but an even worse problem is spotted in a restaurant.

When dealing with mice or rats, while our green pest control solutions will eliminate the initial problem, our SMART system will help us to detect any return of activity faster than conventional traps. You can take advantage of the same pest-free pledge and year-round service options we offer to the Dumfries area with American Pest.