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How American Pest solves your pest control problem in Independent Hill, VA

It’s easy for pests to find their way into any home, but getting them out after they find their way in can be a real problem. Serving Independent Hill and the greater Prince William County area, we at American Pest bring professional, safe, and effective green pests solutions to your pest problems.

Our pest professionals are certified in the latest Integrated Pest Management solutions, specially formulated and targeted to get rid of pests while proving safe to both humans and pets. Not only do we get rid of pests we make sure pests stay away with our pest-free pledge.

American Pest covers 30+ pests in the Independent Hill area  

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Try our pest control services in Independent Hill, VA year-round

We work hard year-round at American Pest to provide you with proactive and preventative year-round service. Whatever time of the year you first see signs of pest activity in your home or business, we can have a pest professional out to provide a free estimate before offering solutions to the problem. Other more reactive exterminator companies might focus their activities on when the pest populations would normally be at their highest, but we feel that by providing you with our best service year round we can solve small problems when they first start.

At the first signs of pest activity, we’re interested in finding proactive pest control solutions that will get you back to enjoying your life in Independent Hill as quickly as possible. Once you are a customer with us, we also offer a 24/7 customer care line so we can be ready to help at the first sign of a resurgence.