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American Pest Control knows that sometimes, there is nowhere you’d rather be than in your bed. That’s why it can be alarming, disgusting, and traumatizing to discover a bed bug infestation in your home. On top of that, finding them in your business can put you, your customers, and your livelihood at risk. 

That’s why American Pest Control is proud to offer dependable pest control solutions implemented by trained, certified experts that are guaranteed to find and eliminate bed bugs. 

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How Does American Pest Handle Bed Bugs?

Before implementing any sort of extermination treatment or pest control solution in your home, we must be 100% sure that bed bugs are what we’re dealing with. 

Using a specialized treatment for the wrong type of pest can cause, at the very least, lengthen the process of eliminating the infestation. Therefore, American Pest recommends having an inspection of your home performed by one of our trained professionals first. 

Here’s how we search for bed bugs:

→Visual Inspection - A pest control technician will be dispatched to your home to conduct a thorough, comprehensive inspection to confirm the existence of bed bugs in your home and evaluate the infestation's severity. This inspection usually takes from 20 minutes to an hour.

K-9 Inspection - If our specialists aren’t able to find any signs of bed bugs, then we bring in a specially-trained K9 to sniff out any live bed bugs or viable bed bug eggs in common areas. Our K-9 inspection finds bed bugs in visible areas, hidden areas like carpet, behind baseboards, and cluttered areas. 

American Pest’s Specialized Liquid or Heat Treatment to Eliminate Bed Bugs

After confirming bed bugs in your home, American Pest will recommend the most effective solution for your situation. 

Conventional liquid treatment should be enough for moderate infestations to eliminate the pests. 

But for more severe, serious infestations that reach multiple areas, you will need a heat treatment that spreads through infected areas and kills the bed bugs in their various stages, including eggs.