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Located just fifteen miles from Washington, D.C., Mitchellville, Maryland is a vibrant suburban neighborhood filled with beautiful homes, spacious green spaces, and mature trees. Despite its close proximity to the big city, however, this small town maintains a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that makes it an ideal environment for all types of pests. That's why having reliable pest control in Mitchellville MD is so crucial to maintaining the health and wellbeing of this community.

Why Choose American Pest - Exterminators in Mitchellville MD

We at American Pest have been dedicated to assisting you in ridding your home or business of pests since 1925. Our eco-friendly pest control services have been consistently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau, using green, sustainable methods, and low-impact EPA-approved products to provide quick and effective professional pest control services in Mitchellville in addition to other areas nationwide. We make every effort to provide low-impact treatment and green solutions to both eliminate pests and stop them from coming back.

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Year-Round Pest Control for your home in Mitchellville MD

Bugs, mice, and rats are active year-round, and American Pest is just as active year-round in eliminating them. Our SMART pest control services will not just rid your home or business from rodents, but with specially implanted sensors we can quickly discover if they return and help plan accordingly. Our home pest control options seek to rid your home of pests quickly and safely, so you can get back to your home and the things most important to you as quickly as possible.

Those looking for the safest pest control options should be comforted by the low environmental impact of our EPA-approved green solutions and our general reluctance to fumigate, reducing the risk to pets, children, and others potentially vulnerable to more extreme methods of treatment.

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While some signs of infestation are obvious, at times it can take a professional’s eye to see the subtle structure damage or other telltale signs before it’s too late. In addition, with many pest problems, the first one you see might only be a small representative of a larger colony or community in hiding.

For these reasons, the earlier you contact one of our professional pest experts the better. Call or request a free estimate today, and one of our customer care representatives will schedule a visit from one of our pest professionals to help assess your problem and help you come up with the right solution.