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American Pest has been serving the community of Cloverly, MD since 1925. We have worked hard to establish the finest procedures and practices for removing pests from your property swiftly, safely, and efficiently. Furthermore, we have honed our customer service to provide you peace of mind when pests enter.

From residential to commercial premises, our NPMA accredited trained pest specialists take a look at your pest problem and then give environmentally safe options to make your place pest-free! We provide EPA-approved solutions to provide you with effective termination without jeopardizing the health of everyone on the premises, including pets.

Why choose American Pest Exterminators in Cloverly, MD

For years, American Pest has provided great customer service and pest management to over 30,000 homes and businesses in the Maryland region. With our SMART pest control solutions and green, innovative technology, we are the top pest management solution in Cloverly, MD.

We have refined and developed our approaches through many years of work without lagging behind the latest technical advancements. For instance, without harming the environment, our EPA-approved Anticimex SMART products offer you eco-friendly, year-round treatment, efficiently getting rid of current pests and avoiding future infestations.

American Pest goes beyond your average pest control service. Effective pest control goes beyond simply vanquishing your home of bugs as they appear; instead, it focuses on making sure they never return. In order to accomplish this, we provide our pest-free promise alongside our Preferred Care home pest control services and programs, ensuring that you not only eradicate your current pest issue but also safeguard your house against further infestations.

What can American Pest do for me?

Even with all the precautions you can think of, bugs can still find their way into your home, especially in places like Cloverly. In addition to ant and rodent control, American Pest offers residents top-notch bed bug, mosquito, and termite extermination services. We also get rid of silverfish, ticks, cockroaches, flies, spiders, and cockroaches. 

Our preventative services extend beyond home care to commercial premises so that you and your staff may work in a pest-free environment.

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American Pest Is Available to Everyone in Cloverly, MD

Maryland can rely on American Pest for the best pest control services, and outstanding customer services. Customers have access to Preferred Care packages that are appropriate for both homes and businesses, giving them alternatives for every pest and any budget. These Preferred Care Plans include our Pest Free Pledge, exterior treatment, and round-the-clock service.

Try our year-round SMART pest control services in Cloverly, MD!

You are protected from over 30 types of pests because we are on call around-the-clock, every day of the year. From necessary pest control to proactive monitoring, our SMART Preferred Care packages include a wide range of services. Because each infestation is the same, we created customized Preferred Care regimens for each circumstance. 

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito and Tick Control Programs

These pest control services are available in Cloverly, MD from American Pest, along with preventative measures for your home thanks to our SMART monitoring system. If there is a possible infestation, our pest control experts will be alerted and will implement the best approach to stop it from spreading and ensure it doesn't happen again.