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People find Camp Springs, MD, a comfortable place to live near Washington DC with many things to do. But the only thing that could affect life for the residents is the need to watch out for potential pest infestations.

American Pest will do the job right if you need help fighting against pest infestations. Our certified pest professionals are determined to fight off all potential pest infestations wherever they happen. As a result, businesses and homes can rest assured knowing that American Pest is keeping them safe.

Why Opt for American Pest’s Camp Springs, MD-based services?

American Pest uses applied Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques with EPA-approved products to reduce the environmental damage regular exterminator services do. Our IPM techniques are also safe for both humans and pets. 

Since we opened in 1925, we have been refining our pest management practices. We now incorporate modern technologies and hiring and training methods to ensure our professionals can deal with any potential situation that can come up at a moment’s notice.

American Pest in Camp Springs, MD, works thoroughly.

Camp Springs, MD, is home to over thirty pests, including rats, ants, spiders, mice, centipedes, and bed bugs. These pests are capable of causing severe structural damage and illnesses that can affect the health and safety of you and your loved ones in your own home.

These pests don’t just limit themselves to invading homes. Businesses are also potential targets for infestations, whether hotels, restaurants, schools, health centers or warehouses. We can go into where they nest and ensure they are dealt with swiftly to avoid harming business.

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Try Our Pest Control Services in Camp Springs, MD.

Your home is an important place where you eat, sleep, and relax when needed, so it must stay safe from pest infestations. Here are some of the packages with different ranges of coverage that can protect you in the way you need it:

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito & Tick Control Programs

Our SMART monitoring system is great for protecting your home in the moment and in the long run. We take out what is currently affecting your property and protect you against other infestations in later seasons. Then, at the first sign of trouble, our pest professionals are notified and devise a strategy to take care of the issue.

American Pest Caters to Camp Springs, MD’s Best Businesses.

Businesses can also enjoy American Pest’s protection. We help protect businesses in any industry from pests, so you don’t have to worry about contamination issues or employees fearful of problems around them.