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Centreville is located in Fairfax County, in northern Virginia. American Pest Control enjoys being a part of this area. Centreville has many significant historical landmarks and interesting sites. One of those is the National Air and Space Museum. History buffs can visit George Washington’s home at Mount Vernon. The Civil War Interpretive Center and The Blenheim Graffiti Exhibit are also Popular.

There are beautiful trails and gardens for nature lovers in Centreville, VA. The springs are warm and sunny. The landscape is full of cherry blossoms and flowers. This area attracts a lot of buzz, not only from residents and visitors but also from pests like stinging insects and more!  

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 The signs that mean it is time to call our pest professionals in.

  • Signs of rats or mice
    • Seeing a rodent
    • Chewing on boxes in storage
    • Chewing on walls, furniture, or any wooden surface
    • Rat droppings in drawers or places not frequently used
    • Missing hard dog food if you leave it out
    • Shewing on paper, tissue or wrapping paper, toilet paper
  • Signs of Ants
    • A line of ants
    • Sawdust trails
    • Hollow sounding walls
    • Leftover wings
    • Piles of soil  or dirt near your home
    • Rustling sounds in walls
  • Indicators of Termites
    • Jammed doors or windows
    • Crumbling baseboards
    • Faint lines on drywall
    • Small pinholes in walls and wallpaper
  • Presence of Cockroaches
    • Spotting a single cockroach or more
    • Droppings
    • Foul odor
    • Smear marks on horizontal surfaces
    • Egg capsules