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Glenmont, and Wheaton, MD, were combined for Glenmont Wheaton, Montgomery County, Maryland years 2000 through 2010. The following year, Wheaton became known as an art and entertainment district with the small town of Kensington, MD. All three of these communities are in Montgomery County, Maryland, only a few miles apart. 

But even beautiful towns with a lot of history can become susceptible to bug infestations. That’s why American Pest wants to protect your home from current and future infestations with our comprehensive solutions. 

Why is American Pest Control the Best Exterminator in Glenmont, MD.?

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What can American Pest do for Your Rodent Problem in Glenmont, MD?

American Pest has a proven solution for rodents. We have an established four-step process to address your rat and mice problems. We also have a year-round maintenance program to keep the pest attacks under control.

  1.  Inspection

On the initial visit, one of our licensed pest control professionals will inspect the property. First, we complete an inspection of the interior and the exterior of the location. We determine the points of entry of the rats and mice. We design your Plan of Attack specifying the techniques and products you want to use.

2. Seal & Bait Station

We set up a tamper-resistant bait station; the rodents will take the bait back to the nest. Next, we close entry points off from the exterior.

3. Interior/Exterior Rodent Treatment

Our licensed pest control professional will discuss the products for treatment with you. We will use the products you prefer inside the home. Your family and pets are our number one concern, and we will use the products you select. 

4. Follow-Up Inspection & Treatment

We understand that multiple treatments are a necessary factor in the complete eradication of mice or rats from inside your home. 

We have built those follow-ups into our service plans. 

You are Eligible for our Pest-Free Pledge in Glenmont, MD

We are so secure in the success of our systems and our certified pest professionals that we provide a Pest-Free Pledge. This pledge applies if you have purchased one of our scheduled maintenance service programs. 

If you have a recurrence of pests that we have treated against the pledge applies. We will send our qualified pest professionals back out to deal with the offenders at no added cost to you. Your regular Service Program with American Pest will continue as scheduled.