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American Pest’s Credentials Explained

All of American Pest’s green pest control solutions have been approved by the EPA for safe use in pest management services. Our methods have also been accredited by the National Pest Management Association (NPMA) with the highest marks of excellence for our integration of low-impact treatments.

Our green treatments are safe for humans or pets while proving more than effective at helping us honor our pest-free pledge. We can do this in a way that gives both the best in pest control and safe pest control. This reflects our desire to get rid of the problem in a way that is taking into concern your health, your well-being, and the best service we can offer.

Why You Should Rely on American Pest’s Pest Professionals

In addition, we at American Pest have earned an A+ from the Better Business Bureau and kept and maintained that grading over several years. While we are understandably proud of our grade, we see it more as a sign of our dedication to giving the best experience to you the customer.

Once you’re already a client, we offer a 24/7 support line for any questions or concerns. Our customer care representatives are happy to offer that help to our customers or to schedule a free estimate from one of our pest professionals for new ones. This is why we operate year-round to provide full pest management services to homes and businesses in the greater Annapolis Neck area.