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Kingstowne, VA is the perfect suburban community for families and retirees alike. With its tree-lined streets and peaceful atmosphere, this cozy town is a wonderful place to call home. However, with any small town comes its share of challenges, and perhaps one of the most troubling issues in Kingstowne is the presence of pests. Whether you are dealing with rodents or insects infiltrating your home or company buildings, it is crucial to take immediate action to protect yourself and your loved ones.

At American Pest, we understand how frustrating and stressful it can be when unwelcome bugs or rodents invade your home or workplace. That's why our qualified exterminators are here to help. We offer comprehensive pest control services in Kingstowne VA that will not only eliminate existing pest populations, but also help to prevent future infestations. Our team has extensive experience identifying problem areas on your property and creating effective solutions for all types of pests from termites to mice and everything in between. 

Providing Pest Control Services Since 1925

At American Pest, we have committed ourselves to provide reliable pest management. We have worked hard to offer our customers the best pest treatment since we first opened our doors in 1925. We strive to remain a contemporary business despite the reputation that we are one of the oldest, most prestigious family-owned pest control businesses. We are always enhancing our recruiting criteria and teaching strategies to ensure that our pest control specialists are properly trained.

The staff at American Pest is dedicated to offering Kingstowne, Virginia residents the best pest management options available. In our fight against pests, we have been using the most cutting-edge pest management techniques for decades. We ensure that all of our pest control specialists are qualified in safe pest control methods, which include the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) and competence with EPA-approved chemicals. These make sure that the area we service is safe for both people and animals that live in or visit your house or place of business.

Why choose American Pest Exterminators in Kingstowne VA?

American Pest has locations across Virginia and has been trusted for great customer service and pest treatment since 1925. American Pest is a well-known brand in pest control and prevention, having serviced over 30,000 homes and businesses. We are one of the leading exterminators in Kingstowne, VA, owing to our SMART pest control solutions and green, sustainable, and innovative technologies. 

Anticimex SMART products are EPA-approved and provide year-round treatment that efficiently kills and prevents pests while being non-toxic and crucial in lowering our environmental impact. 

American Pest is much more than a pest control company. Our preferred Care home pest control services and programs are designed to not only eliminate your pest problem but also safeguard your property from future infestations.

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Try out our year-round SMART pest control services in Kingstowne, VA!

You're protected from over 30 pest species since we're available around the clock, every day of the year. The services included in our SMART Preferred Care packages range from simple pest control to active monitoring. We created our Preferred Care packages to be individualized for each instance because every infestation is the same.

  • SMART Preferred Care Complete Pest Control + Sentricon AlwaysActive
  • SMART Preferred Care Plus Pest Control
  • SMART Preferred Care Pest Control
  • Mosquito and Tick Control Programs
  • Multiple Pest Control Programs

American Pest provides these pest control services in Kingstowne, VA, as well as preventative measures for your property, all through the use of our SMART monitoring system. Our pest control experts will be alerted if there is a potential rodent infestation and will put the best plan in place to stop it from becoming worse.

American Pest can help you protect your business in Kingstowne, VA.

The last thing you want is for a customer to discover an unwelcome bug while you're working. A wayward mouse will ruin the first impression your hotel makes on a visitor. Nothing spoils a pleasant lunch like a cockroach cuddling up to the table or crawling underneath. American Pest offers commercial pest management services and offers cost-effective solutions for any firm in any industry.