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American Pest Provides Green Pest Control in Stafford Courthouse, VA

American Pest is proud to serve the Stafford Courthouse and extended Stafford County area with our professional pest control services. Our pest professionals are certified and trained in the latest green pest control measures, making sure the pest control service you get from American Pest is not only safe but effective. 

These Integrated Pest Control solutions are EPA-approved and NPMA certified to be safe for exposure to humans or pets while still proving effective at getting rid of the pests they target. Choose American Pest for all your pest control needs in Stafford, VA – you won't be disappointed!

American Pest’s clear commitment to professional pest control

Our high commitment to high-quality pest control at American Pest helped earn us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We’ve served over 30,000 homes and businesses with a level of commitment that’s kept and maintained that grade, and we’ll keep it up not just to maintain that grade, but because we want to provide you with not only the best pest control but safe pest control.

Other pest control companies employ exterminators, but here at American Pest, we train pest professionals: not just as professional as any exterminator in dealing with a pest problem, but professionals who will offer you the same level of courtesy and treatment we’d hope to get in our own homes. Our pest professionals are ready to show you how American Pest beats the competition year-round.

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What’s the Best Way to Exterminate Mice and Rats in Stafford VA?

Mice and rats are one of the hardest pests to eradicate, which is why we recommend our SMART trapping system. This system is installed by one of our pest experts, who will seal all the entry points and identify the areas where they are active. 

Then, he'll place smart traps in those places where we know for sure they are hanging around, and install the sensors in strategic and hard to reach areas so we can stay on top of any sign of activity. 

All the devices are interconnected and send automatic alerts to our pest experts, so we can not only trap the rodents that are already inside but also stay proactive and prevent infestations by monitoring their activity. With this SMART system, we can quickly and effectively exterminate mice and rats from your home or business.

When Should I Call a Professional Exterminator?

Many people wait until they have a big pest problem before calling a professional exterminator. Some people try to solve the problem themselves when they could rely on our pest professionals’ training, skill and expertise.

Our pest control professionals in Stafford Courthouse are confident we are the best choice in terms of safety, effectiveness and professionalism. We use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) methods and the latest technology to solve your pests problems in a safe and effective manner.