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Ballenger Creek is in Frederick County, Maryland, adjacent to the city of Frederick. Frederick is the name of the creek that runs through the community and leads to the Monarch river. Ballenger Creek is a beautiful residential area with many young families and working professionals. The Ballenger Creek community takes great pride in their homes and yards; you'll often see children playing in the streets and people walking their dogs. 

Despite its idyllic appearance, Ballenger Creek is home to many pests. These pests can range from relatively harmless nuisance insects to dangerous diseases like West Nile virus. Fortunately, American Pest provides pest control services in Ballenger Creek MD to all its residents and business owners. These services can help to keep your property pest-free while also being eco-friendly.

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American Pest Can Eliminate These Rodent Problems in Ballenger Creek, MD.

 American Pest has an excellent solution for rats and mice. We have an established, highly successful four-step process to address your rodent problem. 

  1.  Inspection

On the initial visit, one of our licensed pest control professionals will inspect the property. We thoroughly review the interior and exterior—the points of entry of the rats and mice to the house.

2. Seal & Bait Station

Entry points are closed off from the exterior, and a specialized team organizes a  tamper-resistant bait station. 

3. Interior/Exterior Rodent Treatment

Our licensed pest control professional will discuss the products for treatment inside the home. Your family and pets are our number one concern, and we will use the products you select. 

4. Follow-Up Inspection & Treatment

We understand that multiple treatments are a necessary factor in the complete eradication of mice or rats from inside your home or business. Therefore, we have built those follow-ups into our service plan.

What can American Pest do About Flying Insects in Ballenger Creek, MD?

With the actual Ballenger Creek running through the community, it is natural to have flying insects. There are also open markets and restaurants with outside dining, so flying and stinging pests will be plentiful.  Businesses, especially restaurants, can be financially damaged by insects flying around their guests.

  • Wasps, Hornets, and Yellow Jackets. 

Most MD wasps are beneficial to the ecosystem and do not sting. Unfortunately, the ones that do sting. That person could be highly allergic to stings. 

  • Bees. 

Bees are crucial to our ecosystem. They are less likely to come to an eating establishment but may come in search of fruit. Be sure to dispose of your trash properly. Carpenter bees can be in any wood item. Listen for buzzing in the walls.

  • Mosquitos & Flies

Mosquitos are very prominent in the MD. area and very disturbing when people are trying to eat. We can do a concentrated or large area spray. We will educate you on how to prevent a future infestation. We provide some tips and information from our experience. We can solve fly problems with a simple plan to locate homes and eradicate them.