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Towson is a community located within Baltimore County, Maryland. Towson provides its residents with many eclectic neighborhoods to work and live in. It is also home to the much respected Towson University.

Towson has hot, humid summers and mild to cool winters; the fairly mild weather not only helps to keep residents active year-round, but many insects and other pests remain active as well. Termites are one such pest that is active year-round and are found living throughout Maryland including in Towson.

Termites are much more than a nuisance; their ability to feed on the structural wood of a property 24/7 causes severe and costly damages.

Let the termite control professionals here at American Pest keep your Towson property free of termites all year-long. Our termite control services are not only extremely effective, but are extremely safe for people, children, and pets to be around. Find out today why so many Maryland residents trust American Pest to protect their properties from termites


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American Pest has been in the business of eliminating pests since 1925. We pride ourselves in being able to provide the residents of Maryland with safe and effective pest control solutions that eliminate and control a wide variety of pests.

We provide general residential and commercial pest control services along with services to take care of specific pest problems, like termites. Other specific pest control services that we offer include bed bug control, stink bug reduction services, rodent protection, mosquito and tick control, and bird control (commercial properties).

Contact the pest control professionals here at American Pest today to learn about our termite control services, to schedule a termite inspection, or to learn more about any of our other quality pest control services for your Towson home or business!

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