1. Montgomery Village, MD Pest Control

Montgomery Village, MD Pest control

Montgomery Village is aptly named for its location in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a very large village that is home to more than 40,000 residents and provides people with an easy commute to the large metropolises of Washington D.C. and Baltimore.

Montgomery Village is the perfect place for any person or family to live! Beautiful parks, lakes, plentiful recreation opportunities, employment opportunities, and numerous housing options help to make Montgomery Village the “it” place to live. Since 1925 American Pest has been protecting Maryland homes and businesses from being damaged by pests; let our professionals help protect your Montgomery Village home or business from insects and rodents that also call this lovely village home. To learn more about our highly effective and eco-friendly pest control services, contact us at American Pest today!

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Residential Pest Control in Montgomery Village, MD

Protect your home from being invaded and damaged by insects, rodents, and other pests by implementing one of American Pest’s Preferred Care Plans. Our most comprehensive plan is our Preferred Care Complete Plan, this plan delivers protection for your home against over 30 common household pests, plus termite monitoring and control.

This program includes 6 visits per year, the treatment of existing pests, the sealing of entry points found around your home, rodent monitoring and control services, and termite monitoring and control through the Sentricon® System with Always Active™.

In addition to the Preferred Care Complete plan, we also offer the following highly effective residential pest control plans: Preferred Care, Preferred Care Plus, and our mosquito and tick program, which provides homeowners with seasonal mosquito and tick control. Give us a call to learn more!


Are Centipedes in Montgomery Village, MD Dangerous?

The unfortunate truth is that there are some pests living in the area that do pose serious threats to people, but luckily the centipede is not one of them! While centipedes are not considered dangerous, it is important to understand that they do have the ability to bite a person, but besides some pain, the bite does not usually cause any health concerns.

Their venom is not strong enough to affect a person and the reality is that centipedes aren’t aggressively lurking around your home searching you out to bite; a bite typically only occurs if you are directly handling them. Despite not being a danger to people, most homeowners still do not want these creatures living in the dark corners of their home.

To keep centipedes and other nuisance pests out of your Montgomery Village home the professionals at American Pest suggest putting into action one of our year-round Preferred Care Plans. To learn more about keeping centipedes out of your home through our residential pest control plans, contact us today!


Commercial Pest Control Solutions in Montgomery Village, MD

To protect your Montgomery Village business from the wide variety of pests that live in the area, you need to partner with American Pest and our top-rated commercial pest control services.

Whether you are looking for rodent control, bed bug services, termite protection, bird control, or mosquito control we have the advanced services and modern technology needed to completely rid your facility of pests.

American Pest is QualityPro & QualityPro Green accredited, in addition to having a LEED program. This makes American Pest the perfect choice for any Maryland business that desires sustainable, green services to solve their businesses pest problems. Find out today why pests are no match for our commercial pest control experts!


Protect Your Montgomery Village, MD Property from Termites

American Pest is the termite control provider of choice for Maryland homeowners. We offer the guaranteed services needed to eliminate termites and to prevent their return to your home and property.

To eliminate termites from your Montgomery Village home and property we’ll first perform a thorough inspection, next we’ll strategically install the Sentricon® System with Always Active™ on your property in the soil found around the perimeter of your home.

As soon as the system is installed it will begin to work immediately, killing off the entire colony. Finally, Sentricon® with Always Active™ remains in place where it is monitored by our professionals to provide long-term protection against termites. To learn more about our highly effective, long-term solutions to wood-destroying termites, give us a call today at American Pest today!

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