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Bethesda, MD Pest Control Services From American Pest

Since 1925 American Pest has been offering pest control services to the residents of Bethesda, Maryland, and across Montgomery County. We are part of the community and understand what our customers living in Bethesda want.

At American Pest we love that you love living in Bethesda and want to make sure that your home and family stay protected from pests that can invade and damage your home and property. We want to take the stress of pest care of off your shoulders so that you more time to enjoy all that Bethesda has to offer with your friends and family! After all would you rather be controlling pests or taking in a show at one of our great theaters? We thought so.


Bethesda Pest Control Services For Homeowners

The best way to protect your home from pests is to put into place a year-round pest control program, by doing this you are continuously protecting your home and investment from dangerous and damaging pests; any active infestations will be eliminated and future pest will be stopped from getting into your home.

We offer 3 levels of Our Preferred Care Programs in order to suit the needs of all of our Bethesda residential customers.

  • Preferred Care- This plan protects your home from over 30 common pests and provides you with seasonal treatments (4 times per year). It also of course guarantees that if pests become a problem between visits we will come back at no charge.
  • Preferred Care Plus- This plan includes everything that is in the Preferred Care program along with the added benefit of termite monitoring.
  • Preferred Care Complete- This plan includes everything in the Preferred Care Plus program, but also includes termite control services


Termite Services For Bethesda Homes & Businesses

Termites can invade Bethesda homes and cause major structural damage that can become very expensive for homeowners to repair. The best way to eliminate an infestation and prevent future problems with these damaging pests is to get help from termite control experts. At American Pest we offer two solutions for termites, the highly effective and environmentally friendly Sentricon® Termite Elimination System, or the more traditional route of using a liquid barrier.

The Sentricon® system is non-invasive (no digging or trenching require), it works by placing bait stations around your home. The foraging termites are attracted to the bait and will ingest it and bring the bait back to the colony, eliminating it completely. After your infestation is eliminated the system remains in place and is regularly maintained and monitored to prevent future problems with termites.

For the more conventional route to control termites, we use a liquid barrier treatment using Altriset®. A trench is dug around your home and Altriset® is introduced into the soil, the termites will come into contact with the treated soil and will bring it back to the colony, again eliminating all of its members.


What Kills Bed Bugs In Bethesda, MD

Bed bugs are a problem for homeowners all across the country and unfortunately, the residents of Bethesda are no exception. At American Pest we offer the following in order to control and prevent problems with bed bugs in your Bethesda home:

  • K-9 bed bug detection- A k-9 inspection can help to positively identify a bed bug infestation in your home, their highly trained and sensitive nose can find adults along with the more difficult-to-see eggs and nymphs.


  • Bed bug heat treatments- Using heat treatments to kill bed bugs is highly effective, non-invasive, and environmentally sound. Special mobile heaters are used to maintain a specific temperature in your home which kills all the stages of bed bugs that are in your home.


Bug Identification And Control In Bethesda, MD

In order to get rid of pests from your home, you first need to correctly identify the pest that is in your home.

Treatment will only work if it is being targeted to the correct pest or pests. Before treatment begins our professionally trained technicians will thoroughly inspect your home and property and correctly identify the pest or pests that have invaded your home.

If pest activity is found we will put together a treatment plan that fits you and your home’s individual needs.

For those tough situations, we even have on-staff entomologists that our technicians can consult with in order to provide you with the most effective treatment services possible.


Common Pests in Bethesda, Maryland

What is the Best Commercial Pest Control Service in Bethesda, MD?

As a business owner in Clarke County, choosing the right pest company is as important as selecting your staff.

No matter what kind of business you have, we will defend it from pests and keep them out. We have developed a program that targets the most common pests found in offices and the various workspaces your employees call home.

We will inspect your business's infrastructure to understand where pests might enter so we can design the appropriate control measures.

On top of that, our LEED pest control program not only eliminates pests with SMART technology and eco-friendly products but allows business owners to earn two credits toward the LEED “Existing Building Operations and Maintenance” certification, providing your business a superior status and advantage over the competition.





L. Jones - Laurel, MD

They were respectful workers that were excellent, timely, reasonable, and thorough. It was worth every penny!






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V. Maier - Silver Spring, MD

 American Pest service technicians are always willing to take their time and listen to concerns, answer questions and crawl around checking out areas that may show signs of intruding insects or rodents.

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J. Davies - Severn, MD

 I called American Pest because of an ant problem but they wound up treating so much more. Great conversation with the main office and the tech who came to the house was incredibly punctual, courteous, extremely knowledgeable/excited about his work. Happy to say I no longer share the house with ants or any other insects!

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